Material Handling Buckets

The ACS Material Handling Bucket is designed to maximize bulk material handling productivity. Typical applications include stockpiled dirt and re-handling loose material such as grain, coal, coke, etc.  It has a larger capacity than a standard digging bucket. No teeth are installed to allow materials stored on prepared surfaces to be cleaned completely. This bucket configuration is generally not optimal for any type of primary digging.

Tech Specs

Common Materials

A short list of materials commonly handled with the ACS Material Handling Bucket :
  • Ashes
  • Cereals
  • Coal
  • Coke
  • Dirt/Rock Mix
  • Graveled Sand
  • Salt
  • Sand
  • Sawdust
  • Sugar
  • Wheat
Bucket Size Table
Excavator Size Cut Width
Over Sides
Cubic Yards
Edge Weight
US Pounds
Bucket capacities reflect SAE heaped standards. All weights are approximate. Weights are estimated assuming no add-ons, options or payloads.
Class 10
8.0-14.0 Metric Tons
17,600-30,800 lbs
60" 1.2 Bolt-On Edge 1,148 lbs
Class 15
14.0-18.0 Metric Tons
30,600-39,600 lbs
60" 1.27 Bolt-On Edge 1,250 lbs
Class 20
18.0-22.0 Metric Tons
39,600-48,400 lbs
72" 1.80 Bolt-On Edge 1,925 lbs
Class 25
22-28 Metric Tons
48,400-61,600 lbs
72" 2.10 Bolt-On Edge 1,950 lbs
Class 30
22-28 Metric Tons
48,400-61,600 lbs
72" 2.75 Bolt-On Edge 2,740 lbs
84" 3.25 Bolt-On Edge 3,210 lbs


  • Bolt-On Edge

    Bolt-On Edge Comes installed with beveled, wear-resistant steel edge that takes the brunt of all first-contact impacts. Double-sided for twice extended life; when one side wears down, simply turn it around to expose the fresh edge.
  • Heavy Wall Cross Tube

    Heavy Wall Cross Tube All ACS Excavator Buckets are built with Heavy Wall Cross Tube reinforcement across the top. This transfers breakout forces directly to the bucket cutting edge.


  • Drainage Perforations

    Provide fast escape routes for unwanted liquid in your payload.
  • Poly-Lining

    Protect your attachment from corrosive materials such as fertilizer and animal waste with a durable, protective Poly-Liner. The Poly-Liner also serves as a non-stick surface that helps release "sticky" materials such as animal waste, clay, mud and kaolin soils, reducing material "carry back". The Poly-Liner material is formed to fit the contact surfaces of your attachment. The liner is secured by metal weld washers and support strips that prevent material from getting under the leading edges of the liner. Thickness of the liner varies depending on attachment size and service duty.

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