Pin-On Hydraulic Thumb Direct Connect - Patriot

Patriot Pin-On Hydraulic Thumbs allow you to pull material toward the bucket and pick up oversized loads with precise control. In-Cab operation improves safety and productivity.

Patriot Pin-On Hydraulic Thumbs are designed & manufactured to work with your bucket so that they integrate seamlessly with the bucket’s geometry, giving the operator the widest range of motion possible in all job applications.

The serrated thumb teeth are crafted from AR400 steel, ensuring long service and consistent wear over the life of the attachment.

Important Notes

For the best customer satisfaction, lowest installation cost and maximum productivity; Pin-on thumbs are designed specifically for use with ACS and Patriot Buckets.

Adding a Coupler:  ACS will vary the thumb length according to whether or not you plan to use the thumb on a coupler-equipped machine.  A thumb on a coupler-equipped excavator needs to be longer in order to interlace correctly with the bucket teeth.

Tech Specs

Machine Requirements

Excavator must have third-function hydraulics to actuate thumb cylinder.
  • Case
  • Doosan
  • John Deere
  • Komatsu
  • Volvo
Thumb Size Table
Excavator Size Minimum Stick Thumb Weight
US Pounds
All weights are approximate. Weights are estimated assuming no add-ons, options or payloads.
Class 10
8-14 Metric Tons
17,600-30,800 lbs
8' 2" 870 lbs
Class 15
14-18 Metric Tons
30,600-39,600 lbs
8' 5" 850 lbs
Class 20
18-22 Metric Tons
39,600-48,400 lbs
9' 4" 1,325 lbs
Class 25
22-28 Metric Tons
48,400-61,600 lbs
9' 6" 1,400 lbs
Class 30
28-36 Metric Tons
61,600-79,200 lbs
9' 7" 1,800 lbs
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