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Patriot attachments are production-run versions of our built-to-order ACS and Asbury line of attachments. We build & stock several Patriots at a time, which lowers our cost. We then pass the savings on to you. Patriot attachments are designed specifically for equipment rental fleets and budget-minded users who want the best attachments they can get at the lowest cost.

Wheel Loader Attachments

Rehandling Buckets

Excellent bucket for stockpiling and re-handling sand, loose earth and small gravel.

Multipurpose (4-in-1) Buckets

Four different specialized buckets in one attachment: A grapple bucket, dozer blade, re-handling bucket and clamshell.

Construction Duty Forks

Designed to handle pallets and construction material while maintaining a high level of visibility.

Single-Point Couplers

Production-run versions of our flagship built-to-order Pro Series 2000 Coupler.

416 and 418 Compatible Couplers

Interface seamlessly with all of your JRB coupler-equipped attachments.

Excavator Attachments

Heavy Duty Buckets

These all-purpose buckets are designed for rugged general excavation applications. They are heavier and more durable than the average OEM factory bucket.

Excavator Couplers

Rugged, compact, and gives you the lowest tip radius available. The patented pin-lock design keeps working forces on the frame of the coupler, not the actuating cylinder.

Hydraulic Thumb: Pin-On Progressive EZ Link

Innovative thumb design allows for the best range of tuck & extension in the industry.

Hydraulic Thumb: Pin-On Direct Connect

Pull material toward the bucket and pick up oversized loads with precise control.

Hydraulic Thumb: Weld-On

Tailor it on-site to your excavator and bucket.

Stiff-Arm Thumb: Weld-On

A quality utility thumb for a great price.

Excavator Rake

Ideal for land clearing and demolition. Combine a Rake and Thumb for the ultimate high-volume material handling solution.

ACS backs Patriot attachments with the same Standard Service Warranty that covers all ACS built-to-order brands.

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