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small icon of a tractor loader backhoe

Manual Backhoe Couplers


We built our business on couplers.  The letters A, C and S in our logo stand for “American Coupler Systems”.  Over thirty years of field-proven experience, hard work, and ingenuity allow us to offer a coupler that is built to last and carries the best safety record in the market.

• Built to OEM specifications. Picks up any bucket or attachment built to OEM pin spacing and header geometry.

• Compact design for the lowest tip radius extension on the market, minimizes effect on breakout force.

Includes two pins to attach coupler to stick.

OPTIONS: Available as a Combo-Coupler. ACS can customize your coupler to pick up sets of attachments designed for two different OEM machines. For example, if you sold an excavator but kept your attachments designed to fit it and purchased a new excavator made by a different OEM with different attachment, you could order a Combo-Coupler designed to pick up both sets of attachments.