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small icon of a tractor loader backhoe

Backhoe Stiff-Arm Weld-On Thumb


ACS Weld-On Thumbs are designed to be universal — one thumb will install on just about any model backhoe. This removes the cost of customization from of the manufacturing process and provides a quality built thumb at significant savings.

Rigid-link connection between the thumb body and stick. Manually adjustable to three different working angles with a fourth position for stowing out of the way when not in use.  No hydraulics are required for this thumb.

Upgrade to a Direct Connect Hydraulic Thumb. Field Upgrade Kit to add a hydraulic actuation to your thumb is available.

ACS Thumbs are available with either serrated or smooth teeth. Thumb teeth crafted from tough, long lasting HX400 material.


Extra tooth or teeth.

Important Notes

Not compatible with coupler-equipped machines.  Teeth are shipped loose and require field installation and custom length trimming to optimize lacing with existing bucket teeth.  Shipping this way allows ACS to remove the cost of customization and provide a quality built thumb at significant savings.