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Backhoe Heavy Duty Buckets


ACS Heavy Duty Backhoe Buckets are all-purpose buckets designed for rugged general excavation applications. They are heavier and more durable than the average OEM factory bucket and a good choice for those looking to upgrade to a long lasting bucket.


Abrasion resistant steel. Covers 60% of the bottom surface.
Single-radius shell. Provides superior loading and cleaning.
Sloped bottom. The bottom of the bucket slopes up and away from the dig direction to facilitate ‘boiling’ and faster loading.  The sloped bottom also reduces heel wear.
Tapered sides.  Reduces side drag and horsepower required to load the bucket.
Built to OEM specifications. Ear groups designed to match the dimensions of all major TLB manufacturers.
Dual reinforced header.  Zero flex means a full transfer of force from the stick to the cutting edge. Reduces tip radius for greater productivity.
Lift Eye. Sturdy lift eye comes standard on every ACS Heavy Duty Bucket.


Drainage Perforations - Provides fast escape routes for unwanted liquid in the payload.
Poly Lining - Prevents handled material from sticking to the interior walls of the bucket.
Side Cutters - Reduces side-contact and improves digging
Teeth - ACS offers tooth configurations from a wide range of manufacturers.
Anti-Clatter Bushing - Reduces chatter and extends the life of the bucket ear by eliminating friction from side-loading.