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Asbury Multipurpose (4-in-1) Buckets for TLB


The most versatile bucket on the job site. Four different specialized buckets in one attachment: A regular bucket, dozer blade, clam shell bucket and scraper.

The Asbury 4-in-1 Bucket can be used productively for dozing, grappling, material handling, light grading, back dragging, back filling, land clearing and high dumping.

Comes pre-drilled to accept ACS wear parts. Wheel loader requires third-function hydraulic circuit. Available in both pin-on and coupler-equipped configurations. Coupler-equipped option will make it compatible with the ACS Series 1000 Coupler.

Highlighted features include:

  * Abrasion-resistant steel.
  * Blade side plate has reinforcement bar for added strength.
  * Reversible blade edge. When one side wears down, reverse the edge to get twice the wear.
  * High profile blade side-plate protects cylinder.
  * Serrated clam side plate for stronger grip when grappling.
  * Reinforced cylinder base mount.
  * Double-bottom clam floor section, reinforced across length of bucket.
  * Wide cylinder hinges for larger bearing area to reduce stress on the hinge pin.
  * Reinforced stops for strength and durability.
  * Accessible grease fittings for easy maintenance.