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small icon of a tractor loader backhoe

TLB Loader Couplers


Our legacy coupler system that established our reputation as the leader in attachment changeover technology. Since 1968, the Series 1000 has provided outstanding service for thousands of contractors, municipalities, utilities, state agencies and all branches of the military. Highly regarded for its dependability — we still make it because they still demand it.
The Series 1000 Coupler system is available for all tractor-loader-backhoes, 4-arm and Z-bar wheel loaders, track loaders, and motor graders.

The Series 1000 Coupler was the innovator for the quick coupler industry, introducing the concept of “single point hookup” to the marketplace. The Series 1000 also features an open frame design, full faceplate contact and heavy-duty construction.

Third function jumper hoses are included at no charge when an ACS or Asbury hydraulic attachment is ordered with the coupler system.