Asbury Multipurpose (4-in-1) Buckets

The Asbury 4-in-1 Bucket can be used productively for dozing, grappling, material handling, light grading, back dragging, back filling, land clearing and high dumping making it most versatile bucket on any job site. Four different specialized buckets in one attachment: A regular bucket, dozer blade, clam shell bucket and scraper.

Tech Specs

Loader requires third-function hydraulics to actuate clamshell. Attachment jumper hoses included with bucket. Comes pre-drilled to accept ACS wear parts.

Common Applications

  • Backfilling
  • Concrete Recycling
  • Debris Clean-Up
  • Demolition
  • Disaster Cleanup
  • Dozing
  • High Clearance Dumping
  • Material Sorting
  • Pipe Handling
  • Road / Bridge Construction
  • Road Maintenance
  • Scrap Metal Handling
  • Site Finishing
  • Solid Waste Handling
  • Tire Handling
  • Utility Clean Up
  • Utility Site Prep
  • Yard Maintenance
Bucket Size Table
Size Bucket Capacity
Cubic Yards
US Pounds
Bucket capacities reflect SAE heaped standards, however, additional capacity is provided when installing a bolt on edge (BOE). All weights are approximate. Weights are estimated assuming no add-ons, options or payloads.
10 0.75 1,300
10 1.00 1,490
10 1.25 1,600
20 1.50 2,250
20 1.75 2,400
30 2.00 2,600
30 2.25 3,080
50 2.50 3,200
50 2.75 3,750
60 3.00 3,900
60 3.50 4,500
60 4.00 4,775
70 4.50 5,500
70 5.00 6,100


  • Cylinder Protection

    Cylinder Protection The high-profile side plate protects the hydraulic cylinders.
  • Multiple Attachments with No Changeout

    Four different specialized buckets in one attachment: A grapple bucket, dozer blade, re-handling bucket and clamshell. Four main configurations in one bucket
  • Serrated Side-Plate

    Serrated Side-Plate The contact-edges on the clamshell are designed with serrated edges for stronger grip when grappling.


  • Bolt-On Edge

    Bolt-On Edge Increase the lifespan of your bucket with a beveled, wear-resistant steel edge that takes the brunt of all first-contact impacts. Double-sided for twice extended life; when one side wears down, simply turn it around to expose the fresh edge. Weld-on AR 400 steel skid pads at bottom rear of bucket included. Factory painted and installed to match either ACS or OEM hole patterns.
  • Bolt-On Teeth

    Enable your bucket to dig more aggressively by puncturing and loosening handled material before the bucket edge digs in with bolt-on teeth. ACS offers a wide array of tooth brands and tooth duty options.
  • Latch Hook

    Factory installed latch hooks are located on the top lip of the bucket to give you a safe, reliable way to lift objects with a chain. Installed package includes additional reinforcement plates and a hook with a sturdy safety latch. Hooks are rated at 5 or 10 tons as determined by loader’s lift capabilities. Can be installed in a quantity of 1, 2 or 3 to a bucket.
  • Spill Guard

    Prevents material from spilling towards the loader while in full roll-back and protects hydraulic lines and linkage from damage by falling debris.
Asbury Premium Heavy Duty and Specialty Buckets

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