4-Point Couplers: Cat Balderson, Cat IT, Volvo and JCB

ACS 4-Point Couplers are available in four compatible coupler types. If you already own loader attachments equipped with one of these coupler styles, Cat Balderson, Cat IT, Volvo and JCB; ACS Industries can equip your machine with a rugged coupler that will interface with those existing attachments.

This coupler allows a machine owner to obtain a different OEM brand loader, install an ACS 4-Point Coupler, then use all of their existing coupler equipped attachments. This saves expensive changeover or modifications to existing attachments and frees you from being “Locked” into just one brand machine because your attachments have a brand specific coupler receiver installed.

For example, if you have Cat coupler-equipped attachments you can choose to buy a Deere machine and install an ACS Cat-compatible coupler to the Deere machine and use all of your existing Cat coupler-equipped attachments. This would apply to Volvo machines to Balderson coupler-equipped attachments, Case to Volvo-equipped attachments, Komatsu to Cat IT attachments. The combinations are endless in the variation and opportunities these ACS 4-Point Couplers can offer.

These couplers install to your machine using the OEM pins and include the required Installation Kit containing all components required to operate the coupler. Identification of the exact type of coupler to be provided will be required to assure compatibility.

Volvo is a registered trademark of Volvo Trademark Holding AB and/or AB Volvo (publ) (or its subsidiaries).
JCB is a registered trademark of J C Bamford Excavators Limited.
Cat is a registered trademarks of Caterpillar Inc.

  • ACS Four-Point coupler for wheel loaders.

4-Point Couplers: Cat Balderson, Cat IT, Volvo and JCB Links

Tech Specs

A third function jumper hose kit is required to connect the existing third function loader lines on your wheel loader to the adjustable stops of the coupler. All required plumbing and valving is included with the purchase of this coupler.

Sizing Your Coupler

ACS sizes its products based on OEM wheel loader specifications. View our size chart to determine the correct size coupler for your machine or call our support specialists at 1 (330) 678-2511.

Coupler Size Table
Size 20
U.S. lbs.
Size 30
U.S. lbs.
Size 30HD
U.S. lbs.
Size 50
U.S. lbs.
Size 70
U.S. lbs.
All weights are approximate. Weights are estimated assuming no add-ons, options or payloads.
Coupler with Install Kit 500 600 700 800 1,265
Female Adapter 335 455 535 680 750
Broom Adapter 560 655 740 845 915


  • Hydraulic Pin Actuation

    Allows operator to lock and unlock the pins securing the attachment to the coupler from the cab for fast, safe change-outs.
  • Open Frame Construction

    Allows the operator to clearly see when coupling and uncoupling attachments. Hydraulic actuation allows the operator to lock and unlock the coupler from the cab with no need for assistance.


  • Female Adapters

    The Female Adapter allows you to retrofit any of your existing non-compatible attachments to be fully compatible with the your new coupler. We designed the Female Adapter to be both easily installed on the rear of your existing attachments and rugged enough to keep your tool arsenal fully productive.

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