Patriot Coupler: Single-Point

Patriot Couplers Now Available for Select OEM Models

See Current OEM Availability table in Tech Specs section below for details.

About Patriot Couplers

Patriot Couplers are production-run versions of our flagship built-to-order Pro Series 2000 Coupler. We build & stock several Patriot Couplers at a time, which lowers our cost, and we pass the savings on to you.

The interchangability of the Patriot Coupler allows you to easily exchange attachments among various brands of loaders. The Patriot Coupler is designed for both 3-arm and 4-arm loaders.

Single-Point Hookup

The Patriot Coupler features the original single-point hookup design for fast, smooth coupling - even on uneven terrain. The compact design balances strength with performance, keeping the payload as close as possible to the loader. The result is the lowest CG (Center of Gravity) extension in the market – less than 2” for an average 2.5-yard loader.

One loader, many tools

While you can order all of your new attachments to work as a kit with the Patriot Coupler, we realize that you can’t just throw away the buckets you already own. That’s why we designed adapters that are both easily installed on the rear of your existing attachments and rugged enough to keep your tool arsenal fully productive.

Tech Specs

Current OEM Availability

  • Case
  • Doosan
  • Hyundai
  • John Deere
  • Komatsu
Model Availability
OEM Size Models
Patriot Attachments are available for the following models:
Case 40 [ 521D,E,F ] [ 521DXT,EXT ] [ 621D,E,F ] [ 621 DXT,EXT,FXT ] [ 721D,E,F ] [ 721DXT,EXT,FXT ]
Case 60 [ 821E ] [ 821F ] [ 921F ]
Doosan 40 [ DL200 Z-Bar ] [ DL250 Z-Bar ]
Doosan 60 DL300 Z-Bar
Hyundai 40 [ HL740-7 Z-Bar ] [ HL740-7A Z-Bar ] [ HL740-9 Z-Bar ]
John Deere 40 [ 544K Z-Bar ] [ 544J Z-Bar after S/N 618134 ] [ 624K Z-Bar ] [ 624J Z-Bar ]
John Deere 60 [ 644K Z-Bar ] [ 644J Z-Bar after S/N 618134 ] [ 724K Z-Bar ]
Komatsu 40 [ WA200-6 ] [ WA200-PZ-6 ] [ WA250-6 ] [ WA250-PZ-6 ] [ WA320-6 ] [ WA320-PZ-6 ]
Komatsu 60 [ WA380-6 ] [ WA380-2 ] [ WA380-3 ] [ WA380-5 ]

Sizing Your Coupler

ACS sizes it’s products based on OEM wheel loader specifications. View our size chart to determine the correct size for your machine or call our support specialists at 1 (330) 678-2511.

Coupler Size Table
Product Size 40
U.S. Pounds
Size 60
U.S. Pounds
All weights are approximate. Weights are estimated assuming no add-ons, options or payloads.
Patriot Coupler 600 800


  • Face Plate Surface Contact

    Over 300 square inches of structure are in contact between the coupler and the loader attachment. The coupler system is strong, tight and twisting or bending even under the heaviest of loads. Face plate contact evenly distributes the forces from the attachment. The result is long, trouble free coupler life, lower vibration, and tight control over the attachment.
  • Hydraulic Pin Actuation

    Allows operator to lock and unlock the pins securing the attachment to the coupler from the cab for fast, safe change-outs.
  • Open Frame Construction

    Allows the operator to clearly see when coupling and uncoupling attachments. Hydraulic actuation allows the operator to lock and unlock the coupler from the cab with no need for assistance.
  • Single-Point Hookup

    Self-aligning single-point hookup provides fast, smooth coupling to any attachment – even on rough, uneven terrain. Instead of trying to perfectly line up your loader with the bucket to attach into two hooks, you can aim for just one target; and from many different angles. Hookup sequence for the Pro Series 2000 Coupler
  • Snout Design

    Snout Design New snout design constructed of an alloy blend of material to deliver wear resistance, strength and impact resistance. Manufactured as a steel casting for consistent sizing and to create a perfect fit with every coupler. Our snout design also features an integrated base that interlocks with the attachment for increased wear resistance. Back-side of the snout has a corner radius to avoid stress and to better distribute the workload across the surface.


  • Female Blank Adapters

    Female Blank Adapters The Female Adapter allows you to retrofit any of your existing non-ACS wheel loader attachments to be fully compatible with the ACS Pro Series 2000 Hydraulic Quick Coupler. We designed the Female Adapter to be both easily installed on the rear of your existing attachments and rugged enough to keep your tool arsenal fully productive in any work environment.
  • Installation Kits

    Full Installation Kit

    For loaders that don't have hydraulic plumbing installed that can activate a coupler.


    Factory Tie-In Kit

    For loaders that already have an OEM factory-installed coupler actuation system. Contains all the hoses and fittings you'll need to tie into it.
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