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Single Radius Shell

Provides superior loading and cleaning.

Sloped Bottom

The bottom of the bucket slopes up and away from the dig direction to facilitate ‘boiling’, the circulation of handled material that prevents sticking and allows for faster loading. The sloped bottom also reduces heel wear.

High Strength Steel Base

Built To OEM Specs

Ear groups designed to match the dimensions of all major TLB manufacturers.

Tapered Sides

Allow the cutting edge do all the work and keep the sides and bottom away from hard contact to reduce drag and unnecessary use of horsepower.

Reinforced Header

Zero flex means a full transfer of force from the stick to the cutting edge and longer bucket life.

Reversible Wear-edge

Protects the built-in base edge.  It comes with two sides so when one eventually wears down a new edge can be quickly applied by simply reversing the plate.

Wear Shrouds

Wear Shrouds serve to protect the corner bit of the bucket from wear, preventing expensive maintenance and down time.

Applications that involve moving abrasive materials such as rock, stone, crushed concrete, broken slag and granite would benefit from Wear Shrouds being installed.

When the Wear Shrouds have worn they can be easily removed and replaced. Various wear shroud manufacturers have specific hole patterns related to their shrouds. The ACS wear shroud uses a common 3 bolt-hole configuration. Note: Wear Shrouds DO NOT add significantly to the cut width of a bucket.


  1. Protection. Prevents wear on the corner bit saving on down time & maintenance.
  2. Additional Cut Width. Side Cutters flare out 1.5” on each corner of the bucket, providing an additional 3” to the cut width. This benefits trenching applications by allowing the bucket to cut wider than the bucket sides
  3. Side Drag Reduction. Side Cutters keep the sides of the bucket from dragging against the edge of the trench, which increases productivity and decreases overall wear.

Drainage Perforations

Provides fast escape routes for unwanted liquid in the payload. 

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