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Common Applications

  • Concrete Recycling
  • Debris Clean-Up
  • Demolition
  • Material Sorting
  • Scrap Metal Handling
  • Solid Waste Handling
  • Tire Handling

Bolt-On Edge

Comes installed with beveled, wear-resistant steel edge that takes the brunt of all first-contact impacts. Double-sided for twice extended life; when one side wears down, simply turn it around to expose the fresh edge.

Skid Pads

The underside is clad with welded-on AR 400 steel skid pads. AR 400 steel has a minimum BNH (Brinell Hardness Number) of 360 and is valued for it’s durability and strong resistance to abrasion.


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Bolt-On or Weld-In Sides

Bolt-On or Weld-In Sides

Scrap grapple buckets come standard without sides to allow them to handle wide material and increase carry-capacity. However, some customers may choose to add weld-in or removable bolt-on sides to customize the bucket for the specific material being handled.


Bucket Capacity Bucket Capacity with Grapple Weight
1.00 yds. 1.30 yds. 1,725 lbs.
1.50 yds. 1.95 yds. 2,250 lbs.
2.00 yds. 2.60 yds. 2,910 lbs.
2.50 yds. 3.25 yds. 3,575 lbs.
3.00 yds. 3.90 yds. 4,150 lbs.
3.50 yds. 4.55 yds. 4,465 lbs.
4.00 yds. 5.20 yds. 5,050 lbs.
4.50 yds. 5.85 yds. 5,530 lbs.
5.00 yds. 6.50 yds. 6,200 lbs.
7.00 yds. 9.10 yds. 8,860 lbs.
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All Asbury products are crafted by skilled American engineers, machinists and welders in the United States of America.

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