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Common Materials

The Asbury Stainless Steel Bucket is designed to rehandle material up to 3,000 lbs per cubic yard. A short list of common materials:

  • Chemicals
  • Fertilizers
  • Salt

100% Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is used to build every component of the bucket including the ear group (mounting brackets on the rear), rib group, and welds to offer the maximum resistance against deterioration and corrosion.

Easy Rebuilds

Heavy wear areas are designed to be separate components of the bucket anatomy, so when they finally do need replaced, you can do so cleanly, more easily and achieve “like-new” results.


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Bolt-On Edge

Comes installed with beveled, wear-resistant steel edge that takes the brunt of all first-contact impacts. Double-sided for twice extended life; when one side wears down, simply turn it around to expose the fresh edge.

Spill Guard

Prevents material from spilling towards the loader while in full roll-back and protects hydraulic lines and linkage from damage by falling debris

Sizing Your Bucket

Asbury Stainless Steel Buckets are available in 1/4 yard increments for buckets with capacities between 3 and 5 cubic yards, and 1/2 yard increments for buckets over five yards.

ACS sizes it’s products based on OEM wheel loader specifications. View our size chart to determine the correct size for your machine or call our support specialists at 330-678-2511.

Loader Size Bucket Capacity Weight
50 3.00 2,625 lbs
50 3.25 2,900 lbs
50-60 3.50 3,175 lbs
60 3.75 3,387 lbs
60 4.00 3,600 lbs
60 4.25 3,900 lbs
60-70 4.5 4,200 lbs
70 4.75 4,400 lbs
70-80 5.00 4,600 lbs
70-80 5.50 4,850 lbs
70-80 6.00 5,100 lbs
70-80 6.50 5,600 lbs
80-90 7.00 6,200 lbs
80-90 7.50 6,700 lbs
80-90 8.00 7,300 lbs
90 8.50 7,750 lbs
90 9.00 8,200 lbs

Get a Quote for this Attachment

Attachments available as direct-pin or quick coupler adapted. ACS will respond with pricing and current availability for this attachment.

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All Asbury products are crafted by skilled American engineers, machinists and welders in the United States of America.

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